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Bon Chef主辦單位現在公布「Share Your Bon Chef Moments分享最美的一刻」的活動結果, 並在眾多活動參加者中抽出2位幸運兒。中獎者會由專人以電話及電郵通知抽獎結果及領獎安排。中獎者領獎時,必須出示主辦單位發出的中獎通知書和香港身份證明文件,以便核對身份。中獎者若未能於 2021年5月31日或以前領獎,將被視作自動放棄領獎的權利。如有任何查詢,請致電 2407 8622與Bon Chef職員聯絡。  

The results of the Share Your Bon Chef Moments Competition is now announced. 2 lucky winners were selected among all participants. Winners will be informed by phone and email for the result and the prize presentation arrangement. Winners are required to show their award notification letter and their Passport/ HKID No. for identity verification during the prize presentation. Those who fail to collect the prize on or before 31 May 2021 shall be assumed to forfeit the right to redeem the prize. For enquiries, please contact staff of the Bon Chef at 2407 8622.

有關得奬安排   About the prize arrangement

  • 「BON CHEF」將透過電郵或電話通知得獎者領獎詳情。如參賽者獲通知領獎詳情後5天內未有回覆;將被視為放棄得獎權利,而主辦單位將有唯一及絕對的酌情權取消該名參賽者的得獎資格,並將獎項用予其他主辦單位認可之用途,包括頒發給其他參賽者而不須得到有關參賽者的事先同意。在以上情況下,將不得異議或向主辦單位提出任何索償。

  • Winners will be informed about the prize presentation arrangement via email or phone. Winner who fails to give a reply within 5 days upon the notification, will be assumed to forfeit the right to redeem the prize. The organizer will be granted the sole and absolute discretion power to disqualify the winners’ eligibility to redeem the prize, and use the prize for other recognized purpose, including presenting it to other participants without prior consent. Under the above condition, winners shall not have any objection or raise any claims from the organizer.

有關其他安排   About other arrangement

  • 在任何情況下,主辦單位將不會對參賽者因參與本活動而造成的任何直接或間接的損失、損害、利潤損失或其他經濟損失承擔任何法律責任,而參賽者將不可對主辦單位及/或其關聯方提出申索。儘管有任何相反的條款或條件,在法律允許的範圍內,無論是依據契約法、侵權法、衡平法或其他的法律基礎,主辦單位對於由本活動產生或與本活動有關的任何直接損失或損害之總承擔責任上限為港幣一百元。

  • 主辦單位保留一切更改或取消本活動及其有關安排的絕對權利而毋須另行通知。

  • 主辦單位對本條款及條件擁有絕對解釋權。如有任何爭議,主辦單位將擁有最終決定權。

  • 本條款及條件應在各方面受香港法例管轄及詮釋,並按香港法例執行,雙方不可撤回地將專屬司法管轄權提交予香港法院。

  • The organizer shall not be liable to participants for any loss, damage, cost and expense directly or indirectly suffered by you or any action, claim and proceeding taken against the organizer or related units.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to the extent permitted by law, the organizer’s total aggregate liability in contract, tort, equity or otherwise for any direct loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this event shall be limited to HK$100.

  • The organizer shall have the absolute right to cancel or change the details of this event without prior notice.

  • The organizer shall have the absolute authority of interpretation. In case of any disputes, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.

  • The rules and regulations are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. And according to the execution of Hong Kong Laws, exclusive jurisdiction shall be submitted to the Hong Kong Courts.

如有查詢,請致電Betty Woo : 2407 8622 ([email protected])

For any enquiries, please contact Betty Woo: 2407 8622 ([email protected])

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