Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-
Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-

Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-
Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-

Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-
Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-

Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-
Share You Bon Chef Moment (Image Slide)-


於2021年4月16日至5月7日期間,「BON CHEF」將舉行「SHARE YOUR BON CHEF MOMENTS分享最美的一刻」比賽,只要你將自己和「BON CHEF」網店產品最美的一刻分享於FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM 社交平台,並HASHTAG #bonchefhk #shareyourbonchefmoments ,將會有兩名幸運兒可赢取Tefal健康氣炸鍋FX202D乙件。參加辦法,詳情和比賽條款及細則請參閱 網站*。

During 16 Apr to 7 May, 2021, “BON CHEF” will host the “SHARE YOUR BON CHEF MOMENTS” competition. By sharing the most beautiful moment of you and any “BON CHEF” product(s), together with the HASHTAG of #bonchefhk  #shareyourbonchefmoments, two lucky winners are entitled to a Tefal Healthy Air Fryer (FX202D). Please kindly fill in the below google form and join our exciting game now! Kindly refer to below detailed terms & conditions for your further information.

參賽資格  Eligibility


Participants must be age 18 or above.

參賽辦法  Application Method

U– 將作品上載到個人網上社交平台(建議使用Facebook / Instagram),設定為公開分享並加上指定主題標籤「#shareyourbonchefmoments #bonchefhk」,然後填妥下列報名表格,並附上存放參賽作品的社交平台連結及標

提交照片須帶出以下訊息 :
分享你和你最喜愛的BON CHEF產品的照片

Google Form網頁連結:

Upload your work onto social media platform (Facebook/ Instagram suggested). Set to share publicly and include the hashtag “#shareyourbonchefmoments #bonchefhk”. Then fill in the following google application form, and submit together with the link and title of your work. 

Submitted photos have to bring out the following theme:

Share photo of you and your favourite BON CHEF product.

Google Form Link:

評審標準  Assessment Criteria

- 50%  主題表達 (分享你和你最喜愛的BON CHEF產品的照片)
- 20%  拍攝技巧
30%  創意度

- 50%  Theme Expression (Share a photo of you and your favourite BON CHEF products)
- 20%  Photography Skills
30%  Creativity

獎品  Prize

2名:Tefal健康氣炸煱FX202D,價值: HKD1,495

2 winners: Each winner to receive one Tefal Healthy Fryer FX202D, valued at HKD1,495

提交作品日期  Submission Period


2021年4月16日(上午9:00) 至5月7日 (下午6:00)

16 Apr, 2021 (9:00am) to 7 May, 2021 (6:00pm)

截止報名日期  Application Deadline


7 May, 2021 (5:00pm)

得獎名單公布日期  Results and Notification Date


17 May, 2021

Winners will be informed via email and phone on the prize presentation ceremony arrangement and collection details.

條款及細則  Rules and Regulations

  • BON CHEF(以下合稱為「主辦單位」)為「SHARE YOUR BON CHEF MOMENTS 分享美的一刻」(「本活動」)的主辦單位。

  • 當參賽者提交作品參賽,即表示已閲讀、明白並同意遵守本活動的條款及細則(「本條款及細則」)。

  • “SHARE YOUR BON CHEF MOMENTS” (“This event”) is hosted by BON CHEF (“The Organizer”).

  • All participants who submit entries to the competition, have read and agree to follow the rules and regulations of this event (“Rules and regulations”).

有關參賽資格  About eligibility

  • 參賽者必須為年滿18歲或以上人士。

  • 每位參賽者只可提交一份參賽作品。

  • 參賽作品的上載時間由2021年4月16日(上午9:00)開始,至2021年5月7日(下午6:00)結束。

  • 所有登記及提交資料時間以FB Solution之電腦系統為準。任何因電腦、網絡等技術問題或因參賽者於網上登記時有任何錯漏,而導致所遞交的資料有遲延、遺失、錯誤、無法辨識等情況,主辦單位恕不負責。

  • 本活動有關之代理人、廣告公司或供應商之員工及其直系家屬均不得參加本活動。

  • All participants must be aged 18 or above.

  • Each applicant can only submit one entry work.

  • The uploading period of the entry works begins from 16 Apr, 2021 (9:00am) to 7 May, 2021.

  • All registration and data submission time will be based on FB Solution’s computer system. The organizer accepts no responsibility for any data submission delay, lost, error, non-recognizing etc. situations due to computer, network and other technical issues. The proof of dispatch cannot be accepted as proof of delivery or successful transmission of the entry.

  • Any assignee, advertising agencies or employees of FB Solution are not eligible to join this event.

有關個人資料 About personal information

  • 參賽者同意及授權主辦單位使用其姓名,進行與其在本活動中提交之參賽作品相關之出版、印刷、展示、陳列、宣傳推廣、發佈及其他主辦單位認為合適之用途,而無須事先通知。

  • 收集資料的目的:如參賽者有提供任何個人資料,只會作本活動之通知、審計、記錄、核實及鑒定身份的用途。

  • 資料轉交的類別:參賽者的個人資料主要被「BON CHEF」使用,如有需要,有關資料可能會被透露予第三者以用作上述之用途。

  • Applicants agree and grant rights to the organizer to use their names in publicity materials, exhibition, display and etc. Prior consent from entrants is not required.

  • Data Collection Purpose: All personal data and information provided by applicants will be used for purposes of notification, statical use, record and correspondence only.

  • Data Transfer: The personal information collected will mainly be used by “BON CHEF”. If necessary, related data may be disclosed to third party for the purpose mentioned above.

有關取消資格  About disqualification

  • 如遇以下情況,主辦單位保留取消參賽者參與本活動或得獎資格之權利而無須事先發出通知:

  1. 違反本條款及細則,或主辦單位經修改及公布的條款、條件或規則;

  2. 提供不真實或錯誤的個人資料;

  3. 於領獎時提供與參賽時不符之個人資料;

  4. 以非法或不誠實的手法參加本活動;或

  5. 在主辦單位及評審委員會合理情況下被認為應該取消得獎資格。

  • The organizer reserves the right to disqualify applicants from participation or withhold the prize without prior notification under the following conditions:

  1. Violating the rules and regulations, or term, conditions and rules revised and published by the organizer;

  2. Providing inauthentic or incorrect personal information;

  3. Providing mismatching personal information when receiving the prize;

  4. Participating this event with illegal or dishonest means; or

  5. Any reasonable situation that the organizer and the judging panel decided to disqualify the prize-winning eligibility.

有關得奬安排   About the prize arrangement

  • 「BON CHEF」將透過電郵或電話通知得獎者領獎詳情。如參賽者獲通知領獎詳情後5天內未有回覆;將被視為放棄得獎權利,而主辦單位將有唯一及絕對的酌情權取消該名參賽者的得獎資格,並將獎項用予其他主辦單位認可之用途,包括頒發給其他參賽者而不須得到有關參賽者的事先同意。在以上情況下,將不得異議或向主辦單位提出任何索償。

  • Winners will be informed about the prize presentation arrangement via email or phone. Winner who fails to give a reply within 5 days upon the notification, will be assumed to forfeit the right to redeem the prize. The organizer will be granted the sole and absolute discretion power to disqualify the winners’ eligibility to redeem the prize, and use the prize for other recognized purpose, including presenting it to other participants without prior consent. Under the above condition, winners shall not have any objection or raise any claims from the organizer.

有關知識產權 About intellectual property

  • 主辦單位有權要求參賽者展示拍攝器材,以及參賽作品的原始檔案;無法提供以上資料者,主辦單位有權取消其得獎資格。

  • 如參賽作品涉及第三者的肖像,參賽者需確認任何提交的參賽作品均得到該第三者同意作為是次參賽用途。

  • 參賽作品一經遞交將一概不獲發還,參賽作品及資料遞交後,均不可修正,倘內容與主題有偏差,恕不受理。

  • 主辦單位保留其獨有及絕對酌情權以拒絕接受任何參賽作品或移除已發布之參賽作品。主辦單位擁有監控內容的權利,但並無相關義務。

  • 所有參賽作品一經提交,即等同授予主辦單位不可撤回、永久、免版權費及非專用的許可以使用、編輯、修改或複製提交的參賽作品作任何用途,包括但不限於在公開場所、刊物及印刷品、網頁、其他電子或社交媒體及其他主辦單位認可的方式,不論在香港或其他地區,進行出版、印刷、展示、陳列、宣傳推廣、發布及其他主辦單位認為合適之用途,而無須事先徵得參賽者的同意或彌償。

  • 所有參賽作品一經提交,即等同參賽者聲明及承諾其為參賽作品(包括相片或圖像或影片、其名稱及說明) 為其親自拍攝之原創作品,及唯一版權擁有人,並據其所知沒有任何第三方會對參賽作品有任何投訴或申索。

  • 所有參賽作品一經提交,即等同參賽者聲明所有參賽作品:

  1. 不抵觸或違反適用法律或規則,或涉及觸犯或違反適用法律或規則的元素,包括但不限於犯罪、暴力、淫穢、不雅、有中傷性、誹謗性、侵犯私隱或具威脅性的;

  2. 不侵犯或違反任何知識産權,包括但不限於由第三方持有的版權、專利權、商標、商品命名、商業秘密或其他財產權,不論你對該些產權是否知情;

  3. 不包含任何第三方的機密資料;

  4. 不包含未經個別人士或團體事先同意而拍攝的照片;

  5. 不載有病毒、受感染檔案或其他有可能導致他人電腦受破壞的資料;或宣傳或兜售資金或商品售賣或服務。

  • 如參賽者提交之參賽作品侵犯或牴觸任何第三者的權利,包括但不只限於知識產權,及/或違反任何法例、條例或規定,主辦單位將不會負上任何法律或其他責任。若主辦單位因任何聲稱存在於參賽作品的權利或對其該等權利之侵犯,或因參賽者提交的任何資料,需面對任何基於合約法、侵權法或其他的申索,或接受任何政府機構調查,參賽者有責任致使主辦單位免於任何因此而引起的申索及調查,並將完全彌償主辦單位任何直接或間接的損失及損害、利潤損失、名譽損失及/或其他隨之發生的損失及損害等,更需賠償其導致主辦單位面對該申索及調查的一切開支、費用及額外損失及損害。

  • The organizer serves the right to request applicants to show their shooting equipment and the original files of their work; the organizer serves the right to disqualify the prize redeeming right of anyone who fails to provide the above information.

  • Any works involving the portrait of a third party should the applicants get the third party’s consent for the participation purpose of this event.

  • Submitted works will not be returned. Once submitted, the entries shall not be modified. Any biased contents and themes will not be entertained.

  • The organizer reserves sole and absolute discretion power to refuse any entries or to remove any published entries. The organizer serves the right to monitor inappropriate contents, but not the related obligation.

  • By submitting an Entry in the Competition, Contestants have given and shall procure their members to give an irrevocable perpetual nonexclusive license to the Organizer and/or its affiliated companies to use, edit, modify, reproduce, publish and/or disseminate the submitted Entry for any purposes, including but not limited to advertising, publicity and promotional purposes or any other purposes as the Organizer considers appropriate, whether in Hong Kong or other places, by any means, in any manner and on any platform that the Organizer thinks fit, without prior notice or consent nor indemnity to the Contestants or their members.

  • By joining the event, the applicants declare and promise the submitted work is original. The applicant is the sole copyright owner, and no third party will complain or raise any claims regarding the submitted entry under his/ her acknowledgement.

  • Once submitted, applicants declare that all entries:

  1. Infringe or violate, or involving elements that infringe or violate applicable law and regulations, including but not limited to crimes, violence, obscenity, independency, libel, defamation, privacy invasion, or threatening;

  2. Infringe or violate any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patent, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or other proprietary rights, held by any third party, regardless whether such rights are known to the Contestants;

  3. Do not contain any confidential information of any third party;

  4. Do not contain an individual or group of persons, who does not give consent to take such pictures;

  5. Do not contain viruses, corrupted files, or other materials that may cause damage to another's computer, or advertise or otherwise solicits funds or sales of goods or services.

有關其他安排   About other arrangement

  • 在任何情況下,主辦單位將不會對參賽者因參與本活動而造成的任何直接或間接的損失、損害、利潤損失或其他經濟損失承擔任何法律責任,而參賽者將不可對主辦單位及/或其關聯方提出申索。儘管有任何相反的條款或條件,在法律允許的範圍內,無論是依據契約法、侵權法、衡平法或其他的法律基礎,主辦單位對於由本活動產生或與本活動有關的任何直接損失或損害之總承擔責任上限為港幣一百元。

  • 主辦單位保留一切更改或取消本活動及其有關安排的絕對權利而毋須另行通知。

  • 主辦單位對本條款及條件擁有絕對解釋權。如有任何爭議,主辦單位將擁有最終決定權。

  • 本條款及條件應在各方面受香港法例管轄及詮釋,並按香港法例執行,雙方不可撤回地將專屬司法管轄權提交予香港法院。

  • The organizer shall not be liable to participants for any loss, damage, cost and expense directly or indirectly suffered by you or any action, claim and proceeding taken against the organizer or related units.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to the extent permitted by law, the organizer’s total aggregate liability in contract, tort, equity or otherwise for any direct loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this event shall be limited to HK$100.

  • The organizer shall have the absolute right to cancel or change the details of this event without prior notice.

  • The organizer shall have the absolute authority of interpretation. In case of any disputes, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.

  • The rules and regulations are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. And according to the execution of Hong Kong Laws, exclusive jurisdiction shall be submitted to the Hong Kong Courts.

如有查詢,請致電Annie Fung : 2407 8622 (

For any enquiries, please contact Annie Fung: 2407 8622 (