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1 tray = 8 recipes x 6 pieces

Unit net weight: 12 g.

This assortment, made up of simple, varied recipes, is also suitable for vegetarian diets. In addition, the ingredients making up these sweet petits fours are particularly high quality and enhanced by the expertise of our pastry chefs.

Saint Germain Petits Fours (x48)

SKU: FB- 000135
    • Strawberry slice with Joconde biscuit, strawberry jelly, buttercream & strawberry compote
    • Almondines with lemon zest, lemon cream, lemon and orange zest
    • Triple chocolate squares
    • Financiers, apricot jelly and chopped pistachios
    • Chocolate crumbles with dark chocolate ganache and dark
      chocolate cream
    • Caramel and cinnamon financiers with caramelised compote, topped with chopped almonds
    • Raspberry cheesecakes
    • Operas (coffee-soaked Joconde biscuit, coffee-flavored buttercream, chocolate ganache, chocolate icing)

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