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This assortment, made up of simple, varied recipes. The ingredients making up these sweet petits fours are particularly high quality and enhanced by the expertise of our pastry chefs.

Haute Couture Petits fours (x48)

SKU: FB- 005571
    • 6 Monts blancs (hazelnut financier, chestnut cream, whipped mascarpone cream and icing sugar)
    • 6 Choux praliné (chou pastry, praline cream, slivered almonds, chopped hazelnuts and icing sugar)
    • 6 Lemon lingots (hazelnut biscuit, creamy lemon, jelly lemon preparation, whipped cream and meringue)
    • 6 Opéras (Joconde biscuit soaked in coffee, chocolate, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache and chocolate icing)
    • 6 Red fruits cakes (biscuit, crispy white chocolate crisp, red fruits preparation, whipped cream and pistachio)
    • 6 Apple Tatins (caramel financier, almonds, caramelised apple preparation, whipped mascarpone and vanilla cream and cinnamon)
    • 6 Chocolate crunch (cacao biscuit, crispy chocolate, chocolate mousse and chocolate and hazelnut coating)
    • 6 Mango tartlets (crumble, mango preparation, vanilla mousse)

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