Unit net weight: 90 g.



This gourmet product combines biscuit steeped in raspberry and strawberry syrup with a creamy mascarpone mousse. To give it an elegant, refined finish, it is topped with a generous scoop of mascarpone, a piece of white chocolate with raspberry pieces and a whole raspberry.

Raspberry and strawberry Tiramisu (x16) - HK$ 24.1/pc

SKU: FB-338001
  • Mascarpone mousse, semi-skimmed milk, egg yolk, mascarpone, sugar, fruit syrup, biscuit, raspberry, white chocolate, cocoa butter, chocolate chips.


    Contains: Dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts.

    May contain: Traces of sesam, celery, mustard, molluscs, shellfish, sulphites, peanuts and nuts.