Unit Net Weight: 250g



Different from the common risotto you can find in Supermarkets that uses “Arborio” rice, Our risotto is made with “Carnaroli” grains, which are high in starch content and, when cooked, have a creamy, sauce-like consistency.

Trendy Italians, always on the lookout for the latest culinary craze, currently prefer Carnaroli because of its firm grain. It has a medium grain, shorter and thicker than arborio, and is nearly impossible to overcook. Able to absorb more than twice its weight in liquid. Carnaroli rice keeps its shape better than other forms of rice during the slow cooking required for making risotto due to its higher amylose content.


Serving portion: serve 3 per pack


Gluten Free Product 

Pumpkin Risotto Teunta Margherita

SKU: EF-D-540788
  • Super-fine Carnaroli rice, vegetable seasoning without glutamate, pumpkin, sunflower oil & spices