1 tray = 6 recipes x 8 pieces

Unit net weight: 12 g.



A French touch to American desserts with famously gourmet, generous recipes. A collection of six fun, very tempting sweet petits fours is on the menu, bringing authentic American desserts to your gourmet coffee breaks, cocktail parties, buffets and sweet menu.


These unique cakes are expertly made to combine soft, melt-in-the-mouth and crunchy textures and create a bouquet of flavours on the palate.
This totally French-made assortment has been designed by the chefs at Traiteur de Paris and features six recipes:

  • 8 Raspberry cheesecakes
  • 8 Apple pies
  • 8 Pecan nut brownies
  • 8 Carrot cakes
  • 8 Banoffee pies
  • 8 Strawberry and cranberry doughnuts

Paris-New York Petits fours (x48) - HK$ 8.5/pc

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    • 8 Raspberry cheesecakes.
    • 8 Apple pies.
    • 8 Pecan nut brownies.
    • 8 Carrot cakes.
    • 8 Banoffee pies.
    • 8 Strawberry and cranberry doughnuts