Unit net weight: 45 g.



a miniature version of its essential potato gratin. This product is made using Grenaille potatoes, which have been selected for their particularly melt-in-the-mouth texture. They have a touch of sweetness that combines with emmental, milk and a hint of cream to bring an even more velvety feel on the palate.


This mini gratin is an ideal way to create as a gourmet plated dish with other sides, making it perfect for cocktail party dinners.

Mini potato gratin (x24) - HK$ 9.9/pc

SKU: FB-820301
  • Potato, semi-skimmed milk, dairy cream, swiss cheese, butter, egg yolk, sunflower oil, salt, pepper.


    Contain: Gluten, dairy, eggs.

    May contain: Traces of shellfish, fish, nuts, soy, celery, sesam and mustard.