Unit net weight: 90 g.



Across Asia, steamed bao buns are loved for their soft, fluffy dough and fillings ranging from savory to sweet. In the West, and even globally, pizza is loved for its cheesy, gooey, tomatoey goodness. Both are huge in their respective parts of the world; both have many centuries of history, and both really hit the spot when you’re hungry.


Discover Margherita recipe, featuring real Mozarella cheese and slow cooked Italian tomato sauce in a bao to steam / toast / fry / deep fry / air fry whenever you feel like one! The bao dough is infused with herbs to add even more of this addictive pizza taste.

Margherita Baozza (x2) - HK$15.5/bao

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  • Flour, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, water, garlic powder, onion

    • Contains: Gluten, dairy
    • Meat free