Unit net weight: 1.2 kg.

Dimension (Ø): 23 x 4.5 cm

Pre-cut: 12 slices



Lemon meringue pie features a crunchy all-butter shortbread base, a citrus cream mix infused with Sicilian lemon juice and a light, frothy Italian meringue, all of which provide the palate with a delightful mix of textures.

To make it look even more delicious, our Chefs suggest browning the meringue with a blowtorch or decorating it with orange and lemon zest, or flaked almonds.

This lemon meringue pie has been made using carefully selected ingredients and is guaranteed free from preservatives and artificial colors and flavors.

Lemon Meringue Cake (x1) - HK$ 237.1/cake

SKU: FB-340502
  • Whole eggs, wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs, lemon juice, sugar, semi candied lemon zests.


    Contains: Gluten, eggs and dairy.

    May contain: Traces of nuts, sesam, celery, mustard, molluscs, shellfish, sulphites, peanuts and nuts.