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Hot Mediterranean Sauce (Harissa)—the word comes from the Arabic harasa, meaning “to pound,” and that is exactly how the sauce/condiment is formed. Most food historians believe that chilies arrived in Africa when the Spanish occupied Tunisia in the early 16th century. Although recipes vary from region to region (resourceful cooks rely on local ingredients), everyone can agree that the basic components are smoked peppers, garlic, and olive oil. its also suitable for vegetarian needs.


Suggestion to Use Hot Mediterranean Sauce (Harissa)

-Mix a few tablespoons into your favorite burger recipe.
-Drizzle onto roasted sweet vegetables (sweet potatoes, yams, or carrots are a perfect contrast to the smoky heat of harissa).
-Add to yogurt for a spicy sandwich spread or fresh veggie dip.
-Use in place of hot sauce on Buffalo wings.

Hot Meditterannce Sauce Il Vallino

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  • Tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, basil, garlic, chili, pepper