Unit net weight: 90 g.



Guerande Salted Butter Caramel Delights are 100% caramel desserts guaranteed to please everyone who loves that popular sweet flavour. It has a gorgeous mixture of textures with a crumble base topped with a caramel cream and a further light cream layer with a hint of caramel flavour. It is topped off with a crumble decoration.

This dessert’s hidden secret is its soft salted butter caramel centre.

Caramel delight (x16) - HK$ 24.1/pc

SKU: FB-339701
  • Dairy cream, flour, butter, egg yolk, caramel, semi-skimmed milk, buttercream salted with Guérande salt, sugar, almond powder, brown sugar.


    Contains: Dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts.

    May contain: Traces of sesam, celery, mustard, molluscs, shellfish, sulphites, peanuts and nuts.